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    Our efforts to help reduce energy use and emissions

    Eco-friendly Operation

    With a comprehensive environmental management philosophy always in mind,
    Kia Motors has specified and evaluated an environmental goal for each workplace in order to achieve
    our ultimate goal of minimizing energy consumption/greenhouse gas emissions.
    Eco-friendly Operation
    Realizing cars that benefit humanity

    We are committed to meeting the social, economic and ecological needs of
    humanity and to fulfilling our social responsibilities to make our society an affluent and sustainable place

    Achievements from Environmental Operation

    Kia Motors develops and applies means of cutting consumption and waste across the entire automotive lifecycle.
    We continually monitor our results and make improvements to realize our goal of being green and clean.

    Energy & Greenhouse gas

    154kg Per-unit CO2 emissions reduction
    since 2008

    Water consumption

    30.0% Decrease in per-unit water resource
    consumption since 2003


    27% Per-unit waste reduction
    from 2003

    Air pollutant

    44% Per-unit reduction of atmospheric
    pollutants since 2003

    * As of 2013